If you’ve ever tried getting a loan from your bank, you probably already how painfully long the process takes. First they require that your credit score is above the minimum they need. You also need to submit a number of forms and documents then go through credit investigation. The whole process can take up many days to weeks, but still with guarantee of approval.


But what if you need the money tomorrow? You cannot afford to wait for the loan your bank may or may give you. What you need is a reliable funding source that will take in your application despite the short notice and your poor credit score.


This is where financial emergencies can prompt you to getting loans.


Easy Application


What aids in the easy application of loans for people with bad credit is the combination of the following: no credit check, approval even for borrowers with credit score, no collateral required and a very streamlined application process. In fact, if you opt to do the application entirely online, you’ll be done and over it in just a few minutes.


Fast Approval and Claiming of Funds 


The approval is quicker because lenders don’t have through go hoops and loops just to determine if you’re fit for a loan or not. And when you’re approved, the lender could either issue you a check or deposit the funds directly to your bank account.


There are many instances in your life when time is of the essence, including those financial in nature. Loans for people with bad credit provides a fast remedy for various financial issues and you can get them even if you have poor credit score.

Don’t Blow a Paycheck on a Bad Meal in Chicago

The last thing you want to do is throw money away on a bad meal. In Chicago it can be hard to find a really great meal at prices you can afford, so you certainly do not want to take chances by just dropping in without doing some homework. Here are a few you should avoid even though some names have been around for years. To be fair it is only my opinion and others may have a different view. By reading this article first it will help you decide.

expensive restaurant

I had heard this was the place to go when in Chicago So I did enter with really high expectations but it was a terrible experience…Rude treatment by
staff. Waited 10 minutes for the manager, who was drinking in the bar area…they all seemed mad about something.The waiter brought our wine after 3 of the entrees were already served, He never brought water and we had to wait for our meal as he forgot to put the order in for 45 mins (maybe he was with the manager in the bar) the food was cold, I will never go back, not even to give them the benefit of the doubt.

L’Absinthe on the Upper East
is pretty awful. My Mother and sister went on a slow Sunday They had reservations, and the restaurant was nowhere near full, yet dinner took over an hour to arrive. The waiter made some excuse about how they were swamped in the kitchen. When the food finally arrived, it was totally tasteless, AND they were out of the duck. What kind of French restaurant runs out of duck? Which is why my mom went there.

Mr Chows Uptown
was by far the worst meal I have ever due the rude staff , the overcharge for items never ordered and never received… I cannot believe that this restaurant gets away with this quality of service and food, don’t waste your time.You are better off trying any other Chinese place.

The Four Seasons.
The food was not just below what you would expect for $35 for a bowl of soup, it was below what you would expect for $4 for a bowl of soup. We had reservations for six and they tried to cram us into a spot for four people. It was a total waste of time and money. I remember the waiter wasn’t so nice either. He treated us like tourists who would leave a bad tip. Which we did.

Anthos Greek restaurant in Times Square. Here the portions are so small you will want to eat a second dinner after dinner there. Entrees start at $24 and you will need a magnifying glass to find your food,. This place has got to be the most overpriced place in the city. You cant really judge the service as it was basically non existent

I also hated Aureole! The food was so salty could not even eat it. the waiter never said anything as they removed our almost untouched plates. Why didn’t we complain and send it back? Because I’d rather just not return.

Keep These 9 Tips in Mind in Addition to the Savings You Get for Working from Home, Too!

When you have an office job or any kind of job outside the home, there are many different expenses involved. If you transition from that to working at home, those expenses reduce drastically, especially if you break everything down and realize how much you have been spending all along. Knowing how to maintain a sense of saving on a daily basis will help you benefit even more with operating your own business.

more moneyWhat most people don’t know is anything you purchase or invest in for your business can be a tax deduction which will help you save money, too. Although it may seem simple to save receipts and keep records of everything you buy, remembering to do simple methods of setting aside money or learning how to avoid excessive spending can also help you financially.

Keep a Change Jar.
The coin change you get back from every day purchases adds up, so keep it in a designated jar or container. Any change you find-like in your couch, for instance, can also be saved. After a month or longer, cash in the change at your bank or at a CoinStar.

Clip coupons.
You’d be surprised how many coupons from the Sunday paper are popular items that you already buy. Even if you don’t need particular groceries that are in the coupon leaflets for one week, get an organizer and use them over time before they expire.

Bundle and Save.
Since you will most likely need internet and phone for your business, you can save money if you bundle with your media company. Most places also have deals with internet, phone AND cable.

Unlimited Long Distance.
When you are choosing a media company to bundle with, though, do your homework and try to find one that has unlimited long distance for phone. This will not only be economical for your business, but you can stay in contact with you family and friends across the country.

Filtered Water.
It’s pretty funny that water costs so much since it is free when it’s found in nature. Instead of buying bottles of water, invest in a filtered water pitcher. This will be both healthy and smart for your body and your savings.

Library Movies.
Instead of paying for late fees and new releases, check movies out at your local library.

Establish a Budget.
The reason why budgets are so important is because they allow you to see exactly what is coming out and what you can anticipate to save each week or month. You can search for a budget on Microsoft Office.

Rainy Day Fund.
For the money you will be saving on gas, food and everything else you no longer have to buy, put this money away. You would have spent it anyway-and now you can use it for an emergency or just to save!

Easy and Inexpensive Dinners.
Make it a tradition to always make and eat dinner at home. It will make evenings more special with your family and it will save you money in the long run. Money saving recipes are delicious, low-cost meals you can cook for your family. When in doubt, just Google “easy and inexpensive dinners.”

Simply put, these 9 tips can add to your bank account and lessen some of your financial woes. Although you will be making money with your home business (hopefully), starting out doesn’t just make you rich overnight, so take these all to heart and to your wallet.

achieve instant loanRing. Ring. Ring. Answer the phone and a very friendly voice start explaining to you that you have a pre-approved loan. This is what they call payday cash. Or fast cash, instant-cash loan, same-day loan. Call it many names but the end is still the same — you get a pre-approved loan.

Just what is this pre-approved loan and how can you get one?

Well, this is all so simple. If you are listed people from the loans companies can have access to your details. Once they have disposed the information to their agents they will call people set on to them randomly. Agents would inform you of you being selected usually of a five hundred dollar loan. That is usually the
minimum amount of what you can get at first. Of course, it is the initial amount one gets but as they prove their ability to pay one can higher instant cash loan next time they apply for one. There is nothing really much the client should do to avail of instant cash loans. You will just have to sign in to their website and review their
application form since personal information is not included in the list provided to the agents. But really, not many people are usually at home. But no worries because agents have been trained to leave a message on your answering machine to inform you of what you missed by answering the phone. The message is almost the same as when you would to the agent except it is all in short cut.

Still having trouble with your application? It must be because your application was redirected which means that their system found discrepancies between information provided to the company from the instant cash loan agency. In most cases, the information you provide to avail of the instant cash loan is almost always checked thru a third party database search. But then how you would know that our application has been approved? It is easy. They will be asking for your electronic signature, then, you know that you are on the go. After that, you will have to wait for twenty four to forty eight hours for an email notification or a call from the company. Unfortunately, not all those called by the first payday cash loan company agent get the loan from that company. The good thing about this is that if you do not get that it from them, they will find you an affiliate lender that matches the client.Continue reading